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Fondue Factory

Japanese & Hong Kong style hotpot
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Our "Fondue"

Fondue Factory opened its first Asian hot pot restaurant in central Paris in 2014, We take pride in the quality of the meat used in every pot. All meats, vegetables and house-made seafood pastes are prepared fresh every day.

The hot pot ingredients come fresh from the most awesome places in Asia. We use the most delicious recipes to prepare our hot pot broth - No weak fire here, we serve only the best to our valued customers. Fondue Factory offers a wide range of choices from around the world, including Japanese shabu-shabu, HONGKONG-style seafood hot pot, Chinese Sichuan Spicy hot pot and Thai Curry and TONGYUM soup hot pots. Come give us a try and see why everyone in Pearland is talking about our meat. We have a full menu with more than six different styles of handcrafted hot pots, and over 30 different ways you can get your own favourite pot cooking. So, stroll down, have a seat and experience the best Asian hot pot in London. ​Your taste buds will thank you later.

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All you can eat

Our "factory"

“It's a very cosy place for good Asian style fondue cuisine. The food was very good, there was a lot of choice between base soups flavouring, saus, and ingredients...”-dennisb974

“在欧洲两周吃过的最正宗的中国味道了,强烈推荐!值得一提的是各种食材调料正宗新鲜也很放心...推荐:雪花牛(真心赞), 鳕鱼, 鱼柱 ,青菜也很喜欢,锅底我选普通辣,想挑战的可以选最辣的一定不会失望,貌似也有泰式的锅底,选择很丰富,还有自制奶茶超级好喝哦!”



Chain store, new address



The first Fondue Factory at 183 Rue Saint-Denis 75002 Paris since 2014, the second Fondue Factory at 6 Rue Mabillon 75006 Paris since 2017. Two Restaurants located in Paris and a new restaurant located in London.



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